Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern your relationship with ESCAPE CAMPUS LTD. (the Company) and constitute the entire agreement between you and us. You acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement, promise, representation, assurance or warranty made or given by or on behalf of the Company which is not set out in these Terms and Conditions. Any quotation given by us shall not constitute an offer, and is only valid for a period of one week from its date of issue.


Who we are

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, references to the “Company”, “we”, “our” or “us” are references to Escape Campus Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales and based in London, with company no, 09632329 and registered office at 37-39 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DU England.


We may supply services together with and/or for selected third parties who may operate within the English Education sectors and are referred to in this terms and conditions us “our business partners”.


Who may apply?

Programmes are open to all students aged 18 or older at the time of course start date.


How To Register

Student provides their enrolment details to Escape Campus online, by mail or in person, at an Escape Campus Office or with an Escape Campus Mentor.


The mentor accepts the enrolment by sending the student a confirmation and the receipt of the payment. The fee in non-refundable.


You must ensure that the details provided by you on registration or at any time thereafter are correct and complete.


You must inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provided when registering at any time by updating your personal details in order that we can communicate with you effectively and generally.


We process information about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy as set out in clause Privacy below. By registering with us, you consent to such processing and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.


Under these Terms and Conditions for provision of the Services pursuant to clause Our Services, you automatically and hereby grant to us a royalty free right to display, copy, reproduce and make available any material and personal information to our Business Partners as considered to be appropriate to provide to you the Services.


Our service

We have agreed with you to supply you an English Course Service as outlined on the attached page.


We agree that we will offer you an 8 Week English Course. Which you may frequent as much as you please provided you have selected the option on the attached page.


We will provide an examination and provided you have surpassed the level we agree to provide you with the correct certification.


We shall use reasonable endeavours to perform the services within reasonable time, but any dates given shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the performance of the Services.


We shall have the right to make any changes to the services which in our opinion are necessary or appropriated to comply with any applicable law of safety requirement, or which in our opening not materially affect the nature of quality of the Service, and we shall notify you in any such event.


We warrant that the Services will be provided with reasonable care and skill.


We are not liable for any claim or loss or any expenses or costs of any nature whatsoever arising out of the sale.


Our Services shall only be available when the conditions set out below are satisfied by you as follows:


The Registration Form attached there is to be completed by you in accordance with clause Registration. These Terms and Conditions including our Privacy policy set out in clause Privacy have been read and accepted and signed by you; and Escape Campus Ltd. - Company/Number: 093138338; 37-39 Oxford Street, W1D 2DU London - www.escapenetwork.com. Our fee as paid by you in accordance with clause Charges and payment. The Company charged you for provision of services such as English Course. We will not refund you if you change your mind about your purchase.


What’s Included in the Course Fee?

  • Course of Choice
  • Digital learning media and online materials
  • Placement and progress tests
  • Book
  • End of course exam
  • Escape Campus Course Certificate and Graduation Party


What’s not Included in the Course Fee?

  • Local transportation to and from Escape Campus
  • International Language Campus and transfer to and from the airport to accommodation
  • External exam fees (i.e. TOEFL, Cambridge English, IELTS etc…)
  • Optional Activities and excursions
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Student Oyster Card Admin Fee
  • NUS Card Fee
  • Courier Fees
  • Exam re-take fee (£50)


Method of Payment

The course fees must be paid by any of the following means:

  1. By credit card (where applicable)
  2. By bank transfer to the following account:


  • Name of: Escape Campus
  • Address: 37/39 Oxford Street W1D 2DU
  • Account Holder: Escape Campus Ltd
  • Account number: 03862992
  • Sort Code: 20-10-53
  • IBAN: GB51 BUKB 2010 5303 8629 92


*All amounts in GBP. All transfers should make reference to the student full name in order to ensure quick and proper credit to his/her account.


Payment Plan

Students may be given the option of a payment plan. For you to start a course you must have paid at least 50% of the total course amount. Should the student not adhere to the set payment dates, it will result in the student not being able to attend to the course and Escape Campus for late payments, reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of £5 per day.


Any promotional offers confirmed at the time of registration are subject to the student keeping the payment plan and not reducing the length of the booking or downgrading the course type.



You Shall not, without our prior written consent assign, transfer, mortgage, charge, subcontract, declare a trust over or deal in any other manner with any or all of your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions.


Student Benefits

By signing to a Course you will be eligible for various Student benefits; 1. Student Card, 2. NUS Card 3. TFL Oyster Student Discount;


A student will not be eligible to their student discounts (e.g. Student Oyster photocard) if:


  • the student fails to meet the required minimum of 15 tuition-led and /or structured learning hours a week for a period of 28 days without a reasonable written explanation;
  • the student has dropped out or failed to attend from the start of their course;
  • the student’s course end date has passed; the student has transferred and is no longer on the education establishment’s attendance register;
  • the student has not paid the education establishment their fees by the agreed date and the education establishment has suspended them;


If the performance of any of our obligations under these Terms and Conditions is prevented or delayed or otherwise affected by any act or omission by you or failure by you to perform any relevant obligation (Applicant Default): We shall without limiting our other rights or remedies have the right to suspend performance of the Services until you remedy the Applicant Default, and to rely on the Applicant Default prevents or delay to perform any of our obligations as set out in the clauses above.


Privacy and Personal Information

Information held by the Business will be limited to the data supplied by you as a client of the business. We will not collect or process any personal data outside of the scope outlined by the business’s Privacy Policy which is available upon request or on our website. The information collected is for the direct purpose of supplying the Services requested by you from the Business.


We agree to not use or share your personal data without your prior written consent unless it is required for the operation of this agreement and to maintain the terms of our agreement. Throughout the operation of this agreement and thereafter, our Business and our  Partners may contact you by email, post or SMS or telephone in connection with the supply of the Services. You have the right to opt out of these communications at any time, to change your contact or marketing preferences you should outline your request to us at legal@escapenetwork.com which we will action within 5 working days. We shall process the personal data you provide us when it is required by law and the operation of this Agreement only.


You agree to maintain the accuracy of the data held about you by updating us of any changes. To update your information you should contact us by email or post at legal@escapenetwork.com or Escape Campus Ltd. 37-39 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2DU. We agree that we shall not use your personal information for any commercial purpose without your prior written consent. As a business we agree to treat your personal data confidentially and respect. We will support and facilitate your choice to access, erase, change, transfer or object to the processing of your data following a data request being sent to legal@escapenetwork.com. Escape Campus Ltd may take photographs and video footage of students to be used for promotional purposes throughout the operation of this agreement. If students do not wish to participate, Escape Campus Ltd will respect their wishes but it is students’ responsibility to exclude themselves from the photograph/video. To ensure the security and safety of both our staff and students, CCTV operates throughout our premises but will not be disclosed to any third parties unless it is required by law.


Detailed information relating to the processing, storage and retention of your data can be found on our website [www.escapecampusuk.com]; for further details that are outlined by our privacy notice.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

By making a purchase with Escape Campus, you are confirming that you have read and understood our no refunds policy.


There will be no refunds if the customer:


  • Changes their mind after the purchase.
  • Leaves the country because of force majeure or personal reasons (they may   only freeze the contract).
  • Is unable to use the service.


British refund law applies for company services no refund policies.

In case The Company decides you are eligible for a refund you must follow indications in order to get it, and this will always be at The Company’s discretion. Escape Campus Ltd reserves the right to expel students for unacceptable behaviour or lack of attendance. No refund will be given. Students must pay the full cost of any damage they cause to property.


To cancel your contract with Escape Campus Ltd you must send an email to legal@escapenetwork.com.


In case of you terminating this contract within 7 days of the date of signing, you will be entitled to pay only 50% of the total amount


Changes after course start

Students who wish to make changes to their course after the start date will incur a change fee of £45. A student who wishes to downgrade from e.g. an Intensive course to a General course or to a less expensive destination will not receive a refund for the price difference between two courses. Students who perceive that the course or other services purchased from Escape Campus are not being performed according to the agreement shall inform Escape Campus without delay, in writing, to Escape Campus.


Student Code of Conduct
Students agree to abide by student code of conduct rules and other policies while enrolled in Escape Campus programmes. Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to illegal activity or behaviour that deliberately disrupts the learning environment or damages Escape Campus property or the property of fellow classmates. Students in breach of this code of conduct will be expelled or suspended from the programme and no refund will be issued.


Passport and Visa

Each student is responsible for having a valid passport and any applicable visas.



Any student requests to change course type or start date after initial enrolment will result in a rebooking fee of £60, which is payable immediately. Escape Campus retains the right to make changes to course type and start date up to 20 days before the course start date.


School Breaks and Public Holidays

During Public holidays lessons will not take place and will not be made up at another time.


Course Levels

Before the start of the course students must take a level placement test to assess their language proficiency. The results will be used to place students in the correct course level.


Escape Campus Course Books

Escape Campus Course Books are included and are needed to follow our courses. If you lose or need a replacement book the price for a new book is £95.


On-Line Platform / E-Learning

All Escape Campus students receive an online account. Any correspondence, photos and other media used on our platform will be considered personal and Escape Campus will not accept any responsibility for such correspondence and media.All students enrolled in Escape Campus General and Intensive English course will have access to online lessons upon enrolment, throughout the course and for 2 months after their course ends. After the course ends the price will be £195 per month.


Liability and force majeure

Escape Campus Ltd will not be liable in cases where Escape Campus is unable to fulfil any services to which they are contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, act of government, and act of god. Failure of suppliers or sub-contractors, labour disputes or other reasons that are beyond Escape Campus’s control.


Escape Campus will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, save where the liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute. These conditions do not affect your rights as defined by the consumer protection laws in your home country.


Misspellings and typos

Escape Campus reserves the right to correct typographical errors and is not bound by obvious inaccuracies.


Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales.